Get Inspired

Felittle People® inspire smiles and spread happiness on all continents!
Felittle People make the conscious effort to produce good vibes everyday. How do they do that? Create good vibes by following a Felittle philosophy:

Do something nice for yourself
Do something nice for someone you love
Do something nice for someone you know
Do something nice for someone you don’t know
Do something nice for a living creature
Do something nice for the earth

Often times it is difficult for kids to understand how they are connected to other people. They are not always aware that words, intentions and actions affect others in ways they cannot see. A car accident is a clear example of the ripple effect. A long line of backed up cars shows how a two-car collision can affect many other people.

Creating good vibes through kindness, helpfulness and thoughtfulness ripples to others and helps spread happiness.

Felittle Inspiration
How do Felittle People become inspired?

Easily! Just about anything can be a source of inspiration. Felittle pets are a great example. Pets are always happy to greet their owners, even if they’ve been left home alone all day. Happy Felittle pets make Felittle People happy and happy Felittle People spread happiness. Watching and playing sports also inspires Felittle People to become better. They learn to set goals, encourage teammates, accept defeat, try harder, practice, and celebrate their triumphs. And the best thing about being inspired in everything they do, it inspires other Felittle People too!
How do you get inspired?
Try these inspirational boosts:
Felittle Vibe


What is a mantra? A mantra is a short positive phrase or inspirational quote said throughout the day to promote positive Felittle vibes. Here are a few or create your own:

  • I mean what I say and I say what I mean.
  • I always do my best.
  • I am grateful.
  • I’m a good person.
  • I’m a caring friend.
  • I am enough.
  • Yay for me!
  • I am lucky.
  • Everything is happy.
  • I dream big.


Watch sports highlights. Notice how the players bring 100% effort to each play. Enjoy all of the incredible feats and celebrations. Play sports to improve your focus, challenge yourself to grow, learn skills, achieve goals, experience the power of teamwork, and discover the thrill of victory.


Read autobiographies or books about your heroes or people who have accomplished greatness in their field. Discover what inspired them.

Bring it!

How do you show up? Bring your best effort—always. See what you’re capable of. Try to be a better person, student, teammate, friend… than you were yesterday. Each day strive for excellence.

Set Goals

Dream Big, dream small—just dream! Set daily, weekly, monthly and yearly goals. And more than that, take steps towards them. By doing so you bring them closer to you and pretty soon, goals that were far off are now a normal part of your daily life.