About Felicia

Felittle People® may be small, but they have big messages. These whimsical characters trot the globe inspiring others to be positive, kind, helpful, loving, patient and generous.

Back in grade school, my mom drew stick figures on my lunch bags.  It always brightened my day to see doodles on pads, envelopes and paper around the house, so naturally I became a doodler too. Never thinking of myself as an artist, I went off to study serious subjects at U.C. Berkeley, Stanford, and Harvard- yet, drawing all the while. I revived my stick characters when I got a cool job as an educational consultant. Discovering that most kids thought of themselves as un-powerful, I decided to have my simple characters say motivational mantras. Students responded to Felittle People® messages with enthusiasm and started saying, “Everything is happy!” and “Yay for me!” instead of “I’m not good enough” or “I can’t.”  Simple empowering words helped kids redefine their belief in themselves and spark creativity.

Now you can find Felittle People® on clothing, stationery, fabric, and surface design. Interested in licensing Felittle People®? Let’s talk! felicia@felittlepeople.com

Dream big.

Make wishes.