Felittle Scoop

With all of the friends Felittle People spend time with, they become privy to classified information. This could be by someone telling them secrets, by accidentally stumbling upon knowledge not meant for them or even, by witnessing an undercover operation. Regardless of the method for unintentionally acquiring the insider scoop, Felittle People sometimes find themselves “in the know” without knowing what to do about it.

There are certain scenarios when Felittle People think it’s important to disclose top-secret information- when it regards someone’s relationship, livelihood, safety or well-being. But for the other types of info, Felittle Chai spent some time walking her new puppy, Formosa, while pondering the dilemma of what to do with some new-found wisdom. Should she tell someone? Should she tell everyone? Does revealing the info make her an informer or a gossip? What would others then do with the info, pass it on? Having played the telephone game a lot when she was younger, Chai remembered how quickly stories morphed into new tales upon retelling. If that happened, which indeed it would, she would simultaneously transform from a disseminator into a rumor starter. Not wanting to be the spreader of truths that ultimately changed form and function, she decided to make the strongest possible choice and do nothing. Keeping secrets secret is something Chai felt was the proper course of action. So it turns out that in discovering info about someone else, she ended up learning something about herself- that sometimes it is enough for her to know. Period.


Felittle Tiki has noticed that people are asking him a lot of questions lately. They are often disguised as real questions but Tiki, who happens to be a good listener, spots right away that they are in fact, rhetorical. It seems like practically every day, people ask him questions like, “Do you think its weird if I decide to call myself Coach Lou instead of just Lou?” or “Do you think my bailing at the last minute will be a big deal?” or the classic, “Do you think I look fat in this outfit?” Tiki is a bit torn on how to answer these silly questions. If he says “Yes” surely he will hurt the other person’s feelings. If he says, “No” he will be fibbing, something he tries to avoid doing. He wishes people would just stop consulting him. But, of course, the opposite seems to be happening and even more people have started seeking his advice. So the question remains: Do people really want to know what he thinks or are they just airing thoughts in the form of questions? After much pondering on the subject, Tiki decided that the best answer was neither yes nor no. Instead, he now says, “If you have to ask, then you already know the answer.” Simple.

No, thank you!

Felittle Genie has been flying around a lot lately observing, helping and gathering information. Her latest assessment of Felittle People happenings is that she’s noticed many Felittle People have trouble saying no. Felittle People are very much like Jim Carrey in Yes Man, always saying yes to people and opportunities. When asked to do something, they automatically respond affirmatively. Do you want to go to a Red Sox game? “Ok!” Can you take me to the airport? “No problem!” Can you help me put up a clothes bar in my closet? “Of course!” Being kind and helping others is part of being Felittle so when people, things, or opportunities appear, Felittle people are naturally open to them. But what Felittle Genie wants to point out is that saying “no” to what you don’t want is as important as saying “yes” to what you do want. Being able to say no to someone or something because it doesn’t feel right or because it doesn’t have a Felittle vibe, is perfectly ok. Its actually more than ok, its very Felittle! So, when things present themselves and you feel like you should say “yes” but are really feeling “not so much” then the right thing to do is to say “no.” Feeling good about a “no” is important, no guilt allowed. And if Felittle People find themselves torn (which sometimes happens) its always advised to step back and do the most powerful thing of all- nothing. The worst thing possible is to make a  decision and not feel good about it… or worse yet, be wishy-washy. Bleh.

Felittle Mantras

Felittle People often get asked, what is your favorite mantra? As you know, Felittle People recite mantras day and night, so to pick just one is quite challenging. Part of the Felittle People’s belief system is that everyone should be kind, loving, friendly and helpful so, mantras like “Everything is happy” just grow out of the Felittle People mindset and serve as reminders to be Felittle. But, sometimes mantras develop out of witnessing non-Felittle behavior.

Like everyone else, Felittle People have play-dates. They meet up to go to the beach, the movies, the park, and other cool places. One day, Felittle Cyan’s friends went to the movies without her even though they knew she wanted to see Finding Nemo. Not only was she not invited, but afterward the “friends” shared with Felittle Cyan how fun the outing was. That is not very Felittle at all. Instead of feeling bad, Felittle Cyan decided her new favorite mantra was “The more the merrier.” This positive outlook inspired her to become Social Chair and now she arranges more fun play-dates than anyone else. Of course, everyone is always welcome to join, even the friends who didn’t invite her. In fact, just yesterday she planned a play-date with Felittle Jim and Felittle Brittany to see Toy Story3 in 3D and really liked how Woody always looks out for his friends. Now her favorite mantra is, “To infinity and beyond!” Buzz.

Fly Surfing

One of Bo’s favorite things to do is sit in a chair in the sky. She loves going into the tube, watching movies, enjoying snacks, viewing clouds and skylines and then, when the door opens up, ta da, she is in a whole other place. So cool. She is very excited that now there is internet on planes, so she can surf and fly at the same time. Its a little bit different than what Felittle Scott does. He surfs and flies a kite at the same time. That’s pretty cool too. Felittle People had a little bit of a fear of flying, but meditation cleared that up. Now Felittle People fly Zen. Yup.

10 S N E 1?

Felittle People don’t wear pink and green just to look Lily… They don’t go to Wimbledon just for the strawberries and cream… They don’t sport visors just to be hip and cute… They actually love tennis! Felittle People have been fans since the days of Ivan, Bjorn, Chris and Martina. They always have an extra racquet on hand, just in case the occasion to hit balls around pops up. You can recognize them because they wear the socks with the little balls in the back. It really makes no difference which court they play on as long as they get to play (although being at the country club is nice since they can visit the snack bar afterward and lounge by the pool.)  Even though Mac tended to be quite a brat- throwing his racquet around and screaming, good came out of it because he taught Felittle tennis players how not to behave! They are always good sports and shake hands no matter who wins! Indeed.

The Felittle Way

Lately, Felittle People have noticed that many drivers seem to have ants in their pants. Is there a White Rabbit epidemic sweeping Southern California? Felittle People are puzzled. Maybe its just poor time management skills that is causing everyone to be in such a rush. Well, in addition to being environmentally conscious (which is why Felittle People drive earth friendly vehicles) they also are well schooled in how to be helpful citizens. Just the other day, Chai was driving her Prius along a strip of Sunset where she knows motorcycle coppers have a stakeout. Mr. Tailgater, however, was not so well informed. In being a mindful driver, Chai was cruising along at the posted 35 mph, but even more importantly, she was being a good citizen by saving Mr. T money, aggravation and time in court. Sadly, Mr. T was unaware of the Felittle Way so he zig-zagged and sped off, only to get busted seconds later. Bugger.

Felittle Exploration

Felittle Bo is going to the land of The Celtics, even though the Laker People might disapprove. Its always good to venture into unknown worlds and see what’s there. Sometimes Felittle People like a new city much more than expected, other times not so much. But, regardless, exploring new worlds is what being Felittle is all about. Plus, its always a blessing to meet other Felittle People who are trying to make the world a better place. Bo is excited to visit Harvard’s campus, see her first Sox game at Fenway and experience Cape Cod. She is now a vegetarian so she is looking forward to eating Clam Chowder instead of Beef Bourguignon. Maybe in honor of America’s history she will even have a Felittle Tea Party! She hopes that the scones are as good as the ones at World Café. Yum.

Sunday Funday

Felittle People love love love going to the Farmer’s Market in Santa Monica on Sundays. Its probably their favorite place on earth (next to the Hollywood Bowl). It makes them even more happy than they already are (which almost seems impossible!) There is so much going on at the SMFM: live music, art displays, pony rides, kiddos running everywhere… there is even a bike valet and a dog sitter!  Its the best place to get produce and flowers and have a picnic on the grass. Sometimes you run into old Felittle friends which is always a treat except when they fall off their skateboard and scrape their elbow. Ouch.

Felittle Karma

Bo and Felittle Sue went to lunch at the new Spumoni Restaurant in Brentwood and then to Yogurtland for self-serve yogurt. Felittle Sue showed what good karma she has when she didn’t get a parking ticket AND when she found her purse untouched after she accidentally left it in the restaurant. Its not surprising, really, that Felittle People have such good karma because they spread happiness wherever they go! In fact, just the other day, a bamboo plant fell right on top of Bo and she exclaimed with delight, “Good luck always falls on me!” See.