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Lately Felittle Bo has been curious about spoons. Yes, spoons. The very kind she uses to eat her Cheerios with every morning. One day Felittle Bo was over at Felittle Roth’s house and he said, “I went to a spoon bending class!” He showed Felittle Bo a spoon that he had twisted into a curly q. “How come you didn’t invite me?” Felittle Bo asked. Felittle Bo wanted to learn to bend spoons too, so she took the class recommended by Felittle Roth. There was a Gong Master and a musical bowls player. The teacher guided the students through a brief meditation and voila spoons were bent. Felittle Yolanda bent hers on the first try, but Felittle Hunter and Felittle Bo needed two tries. Out of the fifteen students, ten people bent spoons, but five were unable to even after many more tries. At the end of class, the teacher revealed something very profound- that when she took her first spoon bending class, she was the only one who didn’t bend a spoon. She was so determined to learn how that she went out and bought as many spoons as she could find and practiced and practiced until she became a pro. And now she teaches a spoon bending class. Felittle Bo learned a lot that day. Sometimes, not being good at something inspires you to try even harder. And more interestingly, things that seem impossible, are actually possible. Felittle Bo was delighted to discover that mediation is indeed a powerful tool and has decided to use it to feel zen and accomplish more feats that she once thought impossible. Yes!

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