Felittle Mantras

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Felittle People often get asked, what is your favorite mantra? As you know, Felittle People recite mantras day and night, so to pick just one is quite challenging. Part of the Felittle People’s belief system is that everyone should be kind, loving, friendly and helpful so, mantras like “Everything is happy” just grow out of the Felittle People mindset and serve as reminders to be Felittle. But, sometimes mantras develop out of witnessing non-Felittle behavior.

Like everyone else, Felittle People have play-dates. They meet up to go to the beach, the movies, the park, and other cool places. One day, Felittle Cyan’s friends went to the movies without her even though they knew she wanted to see Finding Nemo. Not only was she not invited, but afterward the “friends” shared with Felittle Cyan how fun the outing was. That is not very Felittle at all. Instead of feeling bad, Felittle Cyan decided her new favorite mantra was “The more the merrier.” This positive outlook inspired her to become Social Chair and now she arranges more fun play-dates than anyone else. Of course, everyone is always welcome to join, even the friends who didn’t invite her. In fact, just yesterday she planned a play-date with Felittle Jim and Felittle Brittany to see Toy Story3 in 3D and really liked how Woody always looks out for his friends. Now her favorite mantra is, “To infinity and beyond!” Buzz.

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