No, thank you!

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Felittle Genie has been flying around a lot lately observing, helping and gathering information. Her latest assessment of Felittle People happenings is that she’s noticed many Felittle People have trouble saying no. Felittle People are very much like Jim Carrey in Yes Man, always saying yes to people and opportunities. When asked to do something, they automatically respond affirmatively. Do you want to go to a Red Sox game? “Ok!” Can you take me to the airport? “No problem!” Can you help me put up a clothes bar in my closet? “Of course!” Being kind and helping others is part of being Felittle so when people, things, or opportunities appear, Felittle people are naturally open to them. But what Felittle Genie wants to point out is that saying “no” to what you don’t want is as important as saying “yes” to what you do want. Being able to say no to someone or something because it doesn’t feel right or because it doesn’t have a Felittle vibe, is perfectly ok. Its actually more than ok, its very Felittle! So, when things present themselves and you feel like you should say “yes” but are really feeling “not so much” then the right thing to do is to say “no.” Feeling good about a “no” is important, no guilt allowed. And if Felittle People find themselves torn (which sometimes happens) its always advised to step back and do the most powerful thing of all- nothing. The worst thing possible is to make a  decision and not feel good about it… or worse yet, be wishy-washy. Bleh.

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