Felittle Scoop

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With all of the friends Felittle People spend time with, they become privy to classified information. This could be by someone telling them secrets, by accidentally stumbling upon knowledge not meant for them or even, by witnessing an undercover operation. Regardless of the method for unintentionally acquiring the insider scoop, Felittle People sometimes find themselves “in the know” without knowing what to do about it.

There are certain scenarios when Felittle People think it’s important to disclose top-secret information- when it regards someone’s relationship, livelihood, safety or well-being. But for the other types of info, Felittle Chai spent some time walking her new puppy, Formosa, while pondering the dilemma of what to do with some new-found wisdom. Should she tell someone? Should she tell everyone? Does revealing the info make her an informer or a gossip? What would others then do with the info, pass it on? Having played the telephone game a lot when she was younger, Chai remembered how quickly stories morphed into new tales upon retelling. If that happened, which indeed it would, she would simultaneously transform from a disseminator into a rumor starter. Not wanting to be the spreader of truths that ultimately changed form and function, she decided to make the strongest possible choice and do nothing. Keeping secrets secret is something Chai felt was the proper course of action. So it turns out that in discovering info about someone else, she ended up learning something about herself- that sometimes it is enough for her to know. Period.

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