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Felittle Tiki has noticed that people are asking him a lot of questions lately. They are often disguised as real questions but Tiki, who happens to be a good listener, spots right away that they are in fact, rhetorical. It seems like practically every day, people ask him questions like, “Do you think its weird if I decide to call myself Coach Lou instead of just Lou?” or “Do you think my bailing at the last minute will be a big deal?” or the classic, “Do you think I look fat in this outfit?” Tiki is a bit torn on how to answer these silly questions. If he says “Yes” surely he will hurt the other person’s feelings. If he says, “No” he will be fibbing, something he tries to avoid doing. He wishes people would just stop consulting him. But, of course, the opposite seems to be happening and even more people have started seeking his advice. So the question remains: Do people really want to know what he thinks or are they just airing thoughts in the form of questions? After much pondering on the subject, Tiki decided that the best answer was neither yes nor no. Instead, he now says, “If you have to ask, then you already know the answer.” Simple.

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