Pay It Forward

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Felittle Alyssa experienced the joy of pay it forward when some kind soul fed her parking meter. Without a doubt it made her day. In fact, Felittle Bo can venture to say that it put a felittle skip in her step and launched her desire to pay it forward too. Funny how that works, a felittle bit of kindness breeds a wealth of kindness and countless good vibes get launched into the cosmos to boot. Really, it takes just a second to make someone’s day. Vow to spread a felittle bit of happiness wherever you go. For the pure heck of it, let someone go ahead of you in line even if you got there first; compliment a stranger; acknowledge someone’s effort instead of being offended by his/her unsolicited advice; take the high road even when you know you’re right; tell someone at the market/service station/gym that they are doing a good job; open the door for someone without expecting a “thank you” in return; send a felittle card to serviceman/woman overseas wishing them a safe return home… Make someone smile, feel good. Everybody wins. Word.

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