The Spider Effect

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Felittle People have a special relationship with spiders. Felittle People view them as helpful, gentle and pretty darn fascinating web designers. Often times, spiders wander into Felittle homes by accident to play around or to have fun by scaring Felittle People. The Felittle method for dealing with spiders is to either let them be, or if they happen to be really creepy crawly, Felittle People get a cup, cover the little monster, slide a paper over the opening and take the spider outside to its natural home. Felittle People have noticed that each and every time the spider gets trapped it doesn’t realize its about to be freed. No-sir-ee. It thinks its in danger. It thinks its being attacked. It thinks it’s going to die. Felittle People always reassure their spider friends that they are actually helping, not hurting them. Regardless, time after time, the spiders freak out.

Recently, Felittle Bo had an epiphany that the Spider Effect affects Felittle People too! When things get sticky or jumbled or turned upside down, Felittle People often panic, feel bad or get sad. They think that the unexpected set of circumstances is hurting them. But really, the yuk is actually helping them, they just can’t see it at the moment. Felittle Bo decided that the next time things seem to be troubling, instead of wigging out, she is going to think of the scared spider and trust that somehow, someway she will land in a bed of daisies and everything will be ok. Yay!

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