Be Brave!

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What does it mean to be brave? Does it mean to wield a sword and enter a duel? Um, not so much. Does it mean to bully other Felittle People for jiving to their own tune? No, as a matter of fact it doesn’t. Does it mean to do daredevil stunts like the people in Jackass movies? Nope. Being brave is something that is very personal. It’s between you and your Felittle self. It’s about challenging yourself to become a better or more open person even if it requires you to do things that lie outside of your comfort zone. For some Felittle people singing in front of others, even at karaoke, is being brave. For some Felittle people speaking up for themselves when they are being mistreated is being brave. For other Felittle people coming out of their shell and telling someone how they feel is being brave. While the act of trying something new or being more truthful may seem scary, it is a surefire path to becoming a better Felittle person. Growing pains are a part of the being brave process. But the good news is, they go away! And once you have a growth spurt, you feel phenomenal and you realize it was worth taking that leap. Then a funny thing happens, you start looking for new ways to be brave. So, if you are really quiet and listen really hard, you can hear all of the bravery triumphs as Felittle People shout “Yay for me!” all over the globe. Outstanding.

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